Sunday, December 21

Balesin Kiteboarding

Can't Wait to go back to Balesin Island Club 

at the same time last year i did a trip to Balesin to visit fellow Roxy girl
Mika Santos who told me about the nice condition (wind, waves and flat lagoon) 
at her island. I was so keen to go and was watching the forecast for a week.
Then the wind dropped down as soon as i got into the island.
i was only gonna be there for 3 days and the first  2days there was no wind 
so i was able to explore the island
and went surfing instead.

Surfing here is amazing and also a very advanced spot, my worst crash on a surfboard happened in this spot, but also one of my best surf sessions ever.
So definitely going back there.

Luckily on the 3rd day...

My flight out of the island was around 3pm if i remember it correctly and 2 hours before my fight the wind picked up so i rushed down first at Costa Del Sol Village but there was a wind shadow caused by the islands in the front,

so we went up on the north tip of the island where Mykonos Village is located and it proved to be amazing and friendly to beginner kiteboarders.

The wind was not so strong but luckily i have my big Kite (12m) 
so i was able to go for a good hour and even went for 2 sessions!

It was also fun to have a group of girls drinking margaritas hanging out at the Beach Villa and they were cheering me on.

five star amenities FTW!

And this time, so lucky to announced that we (me, Jay Ortiz; President of the Philippine Kiteboarding Association and Spencer of JandS surf shop) are opening a kiteboarding community here at this wonderful place.

so excited for this!!! such a great way to end a great year!

Love and Sunshine

GoPro Sessions: Balesin Kiteboarding

Balesin kiteboarding from paula rosales on Vimeo.

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