Sunday, December 11

WONW 2011 wraps up

its been a fun and challenging 10days for me here in CWC both in the Jam and in my life in general.

First of all battling a recurring shoulder injury which actually made me more focused on my riding and made me more careful.
and yes people the shoulder is stronger than ever and am really happy about that.

its also nice to know that even if you and your friends see each other once to twice a year theyre still the funny bunch of mofos that youve always known and they always got your back no matter what. and because of that am planning up my whole year ahead already to see these people, i think it would be much more worth it than what i did this last year.

its much more worth it than spending a lot of time with a group of people who doesnt even care about your feelings, support your ambition, or just simply include you in plans and conversations.

i am also glad i got A LOT of shots from the winch park and some gopro stuff but most of them have watermarks as usual.

but anyways here are some excerpts from the event.

congrats to brandon sheid, sam light, tom court and aaron hadlow for doing well again in the WONW jam.

til next year guys X

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