Monday, December 26

my mom warned me about boys like you

hej all,
hope everyone is having a blast this holiday season.
am in boracay as of the moment, and this is actually the first time i spent Christmas here.
the parties have been good so far but am still waiting for the big NYE party.

the wind has also been blasting that i cannot even go out on my 7m anymore. lets see if i can get a hold of a 5.5 and do some big airs.

am enjoying my downtime so much and the events of the year 2011 has been really awesome.

december has been very productive workwise but been really lacking on the personal side of things as i have been really really busy to catch up with friends and family but i was able to think a lot about what has been going on with my life as of the moment.

PS: the ego is a bad thing if it's circumference is twice as much as your normal head size.
and people that are out there to deliberately destroy your ego and self esteem is not worth even a second of your me you are better off hanging out with yourself.

here are some pics from windy union bay, caticlan/boracay :)

and the test shoot for our slider. yes it needs some more work i know hehe

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