Monday, January 9

Rediscovering Kiteboarding

hej all,
happy new year to everyone! this is my first official 2012 post because my black macbook finally gave up on me after 4 years? something like that.

am a bit sad about it, as i really loooove my black macbook and i will never be able to get a new one just like that :(

its been really windy everyday and am overpowered always on a 7m. its good and bad in both ways. in some way its good because i don,t unhook and this makes me be more creative in my hooked in freestyle tricks which is actually going quite well for me and my shoulder as of the moment.

but yea at the end of the day, you dont really want to be riding overpowered all the time, now am nursing 3 cuts in my feet, a bruised foot from hitting my board and a bruised up thumb from my hand hitting my IDS system at times.

but everything else is good and all is well. i just wish my computer was still alive so i can process some pictures for all of you to see.


am using anton's computer for now when he is not editing videos
just sneaked in a few minutes to update you all
love and kisses for 2012 X

everyone is arriving as the KTA starts in 3 days !!! goodluck to all of us!

happy and windy Boracay X

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