Monday, January 16

my bruised toe

"training for the kta" and the actual KTA resulted to a limping me. both my feet are bruised and it hurts like crazy, well not really. its just annoying, especially on the left toe. uhhh. i also have a deep cut on my right pinky toe i am nursing now. i only made 1 race and my foot just cant handle the pain anymore :( o well there is always a next time. as for the freestyle, it was really... nerve racking..whew. the level of the girls were so high and its been really good for everyone except for me, my lines got tangled on a buoy on my 2nd heat on the FIRST minute, it resulted to my kite looping for a while until i gave up and pulled the release...o well til next time.

but in the end it was about the experience, the fun and personal challenges you face in a competition arena.

congrats to all the winners.

so its healing time as there is no wind for 2day, we are waiting for some wind for the 23rd Boracay Funboard Cup which started today. crossing our fingers.

today was a perfect windless day for a while as we just had our closing party for the KTA - Boracay stop.

i might say am getting a hang of this competitions and i think i just needed the initial experience to actually start doing it "properly" now.

PS: harness your craft and the best. so you dont have to pull a lady macbeth just to outstand from the rest. X


photo by katya kaylani

PSS: my macbook is in the ICU. so am using dre's computer now to type this. haha. come visit me at Dos Mestizos, i am here almost everynight from 6-10pm/ cheers

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