Tuesday, March 20

Luck, positive thinking, love and good karma

Am i not lucky!? I just bagged 2nd in the KTA asian tour 2012 womens freestyle! So awesome! And i just scored a brand spanking deal with some new brands too so its been a really awesome month! I thought i am not really gonna make it out here to thailand because my finances have been dwindling down but i just got to stay positive and believe its gonna happen and it did <3 i am now staying in Pak Nam Pran and i fell in love with the place in a different way this time, went here last year and it was a different vibe too. This year there is a new rixen cablepark just near pranburi which is around 45mins to the kite spot. So its a perfect place to go to enjoy some decent rails when the wind is not blowing! Did i mention that the kite spot is amazingly beautiful with a flat lagoon when its low tide and perfect set of kickers when the tide is up! I cant really say anything less than a <3 so ill be here for the rest of the month then quick stop in HK at the Cabrinha HQ and then Bay area baby!!! Whooop whooop! I am having a blast but i really miss some friends too!

Caveman and Pacman+Sarah, This post is for you! Miss you guys!

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