Tuesday, March 27

Endless Summer: Asia Edition 2012

Today is my last day here in Thailand.
I am off to HK for a couple of hours to meet with DK of Cabrinha and my Good friend Louise from HK/Sweden.

I had such a great and chill two weeks here. With the KTA wrapping up there are only less than 15 kiters in the whole beach. its awesome conditions except for the fact that there is no wind this past few days enough for my small kite.

This last 3 days has been hectic, we figured out that we havent been productive in filming; due to the lack of wind. so we just did the tourist route and did a lot of Cable. Made me progress in my passes again which is siiiick! i just had to get over that initial first handlepass after the big shoulder injury. wohooo! so stooooked about it.

I also got to reflect a lot on my own here in pak nam pran and also since i wake up so early (1 hour time difference makes a lot of sense here.) do some yoga.

I got to spend a lot of time with other people here living like neighbors in a summer house. joy rides, breakfast by the beach and other random things! Its nice to be around people that are truly nice and creative and also supports you in whatever you do. Its such a nice break from being around people who just always bring you down and have issues with people who lives with a lot of luck

PS: Chivalry lives.

    • Then am off the the USA!
      SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA! to be exact. and am really really excited!

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