Monday, March 5

moving forward

the last 3 months has been really crazy for everything.
2012 is a year of recovery and realization.

A lot of people that you call friends shows you their true form when they have no need for you, nor when they realize you know more than what they think
and when you get vocal about your feelings they just see you as a prick.

o well, these are the times you can see who your real friends are and who are your frenemies.
some of them might have even seen you as an enemy from the very beginning so they made friends with you.
am still Macbook less, am in my brother's PC here in Manila-
i left the sunny island of Boracay a couple of days ago to bring Anton to the airport and to make way for another shoot and my last surf trip for the season.
it is a blast spending this last trip with the true surfers that i actually grew up with
its nice to see everyone still working with what we love the most!

Thanks Lor, Rozie, Joey and Gang for a nice last hurrah for my 2012 season in the Phil. see you on December guys X

stayed tuned for pics and vids of our trip

i <3 Rip Curl

PS: so hard to pack your life 35kilos for the next 6 months. ouch

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