Sunday, July 22

Paros by Night

Paros is lovely during the day 
and it's lovelier at night.
here are some snaps from a night out in Naoussa.
Naoussa is a small town here in Paros where all the restaurants and bars are located.
My greek friends told me that when Greece was having problems with piracy during the older days they came to Paros via the Naoussa port.

I also love going to Naoussa for the best Loucoumades in town, the best dessert in the world.


Naoussa is known for the Parties but Paros is known for the chill out and relaxed life
here is what i see outside our house.
I took this during a full moon night 
and also some long exposures when there was no moon and you can see all the stars

Paros mostly thrives from farming olives and other vegitation
so our house is situated in a farm area and light is very scarce at night so you can
see the gazillion stars in the sky.

Greece being relatively cloudless during summer gives you the most spectacular view of the night sky which is just breathtaking.
check out the pictures.
there is one picture where a plane passed by and it created a line in the sky. 
i find it funny.
thats all. 

cheers from windy, sunny and starry Greece X

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