Wednesday, April 14

Allysa Heuze - Thank you!

Wearing - ION Essentials - Jewel Rashguard, Hurley Puerto Rica Shorties, PULL IN underwear, SOLEIL North 128 Kitrboard with North 9m Rebel Hot Pink Kite :)

First time Allysa Heuze does action/sports photography as far as i know... A very talented 15 year old girl, who has sold more photographs than most amateur photographers i know. She's shy. meek also learning how to kitesurf herself. Thanks for the photos, but next time i think its a good idea to stay away from my crotch as a POV. lol!!!

wicked photos!!!!! Thanks Ally :)


Anonymous said...

Forget all that brand naming shit it is dumb. Good pics, solid moves, that's what counts.

Unknown said...