Monday, April 12

Vamonos! Vamonos!

A Breather from all the parties, the mayhem, the events that took place over the last month. Me, Carla and Elena went to Palawan for a Photography, Diving, Relaxing and supposedly kiting safari.

Carla has been around the world taking photos for a living, am glad i met her as i am in dire need of an underwater and landscape photographer, and she did an excellent job indeed, Elena was our model so our trip involved a lot of giggling, pigging out and just plain fun! yippeeee! *Photos are for HUMA ISLAND RESORT that's gonna open soon in Palawan. so watch out!!

check out carla del moral's portfolio here :)

Carla also taught me some cool stuff about kiting, especially techniques on kiting and now she's on a mission to take me diving....again

Though i've tried a couple of times before i really thought diving isn't for me plus all the expenses that this leisure requires... but what the heck! and i did enjoy it a lot.

it sucks going to Palawan and not to dive at all, yah sure island hopping blah blah, but Palawan is a diving mecca and the place has a LOT, 12 in total, Japanese wrecks from world war 2. how cool is that?!

so I did two dives reef + wreck, and the spanyolas did three, i am not yet ready and capable of doing a 40m deep wreck dive for now but i will be back for sure.
i will be concentrating on my diving license with Dane when the wind is gone so i can come back and conquer the 40m deep Olympia Maru Wreck...excited*

Just look at that strong wind, am surely overpowered on my 6m on this wind and going for SUPER big air, i don't know what happened the night before our flight but we went partying at B-side and forgot about bringing our kites...uhhhh ohhhh, and we almost missed our flights you can see in our airport shot (me and elena are in the best state of our lives) it really sucked, feeling the wind that strong and we had no gear...huhuhuhu

o well we had so much fun anyways :)



Pinoy Boy Journals said...

amazing photos paula,, will def check out palawan very very soon.. and also give updated when the island resort opens..

i love your blog, fusing travel with extreme adventure! will add you on my bloglist! awesome site can't wait to read more..Cheers!!!

Unknown said...

thank you very much dear. yah If you have facebook, search for Huma Island Resort and you'll see the FB page, the website is still underwork
so thats where we put updates for now



Anonymous said...

really nice photos