Sunday, April 18

Girl Encounter

So this is what the windless Susi Mai kite chick clinic looked liked.
It may look boring but we got to bond, just us girls from different kite school and i didn't even know some of them before. I actually thought there were not a lot of girls kiting in Boracay but i was dead wrong!
I met a lot of really cool girls from Estonia, Finland, Netherlands,etc!

Endless stories of embarrassing kite moments, most stupid things you forget to do (and the boys just look at you giggling and you don't understand why, until after 10 minutes) - like seriously perspiring to death to pump your 8m which usually takes a couple of minutes, puzzled and pissed on what is wrong, you realize your deflate valve is open. ahhh!
very inspiring words from Susi and the other girls too, on progression, learning, techniques, and many more

it maybe 14-16m wind (which most of the girls here don't have) but still, full house baby!!

The Susi Mai Kite Chick clinic is brought was Made possible by Hangin - Greenyard Kite Center, Nenette Graf and Cabrinha.

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