Tuesday, April 13

Drunk Testing

A Very Drunk Mr. Marcus, my good buddy and awesome musician/photographer, did some test shots of me kiting. It's his first time shooting action sports so he has to know the "angle" and the right "perspective" yano! hahahaha

so fun!!! - it was my fault that he was drunk, i was an hour late (thinking he wouldn't show up coz we had a rad party the night before, but he still did *such a sweetheart)....he was waiting for me and ended up downing San Mig Light. O well, it was pretty good though.

He enjoyed it so much he didn't even put his waterproof case...poor camera but thank god its still ok :)

.........and some funny crashes, but still good photos over here.

Just went out to have some fun!!!!

And yes, am girly like that, on light wind i drive a HOT PINK Rebel 9m by North Kiteboarding

am so stoked and feeling so blessed*

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