Thursday, September 16

Anilao Scuba Diving

Anilao is amazing!
It's still one of the best scuba diving spots in the Philippines.

Rich in Floral and fauna plus lots of fish

Lots of fish means lots of fishermen
lots of fishermen means lots of illegal fishermen
illegal fishermen means dynamite fishing :(

at one point in our dive we heard a very LOUD noise and we got scared for a while,
then after the sound it seemed that the ground (underwater) shook.

The fishes all swam away
Though we know it came from a place far away, still...
We knew it was dynamite...
Some people really don't care, it's really sad.

This is the crew, yes am the only girl, which is often the case anyway so i don't really mind.

i had to carry this stone for a while because i had trouble going to neutral buoyancy because i didn't realize the weights are in pounds (lbs) here and i was used to kilos, so i went down with almost half. This is the second time in my entire diving career that i need to carry around a stone to keep me from shooting up the surface. it's really funny, some of the divers don't get this - so they think am like reef planting or something.

i borrowed Neal's fins and gawd are they hard to use -
split fins are the worst, but i got a hang of it after a while.

Erwin my Boyfriend took a Discovery scuba course that day. And isn't he lucky that the sea floor is full of corals the DM had to carry him by his tank and hover him around like a little baby so he won't hit any coral and harm them plus harm himself too, no effort for him at all.

and he is extra lucky as the school of jackfish decided to grace us. it is an amazing sight especially for someone who is diving for the first time.

i asked neal to take a photo of this nudibranch -
some people don't get it why am so amazed with small creatures underwater.

Photos courtesy of Neal Lim


Dane said...

Nice babes, so glad you and Er finally went diving together!


Irshad said...

It seems you guys had great time in Anilao.The images are absolutely fantastic.It gives us complete picture of your journey.