Sunday, October 10

Happy 10/10/10

I don't really know

people say it's good, some say it's gonna be a bad sign, whatever it is what you feel today is what matters, and today i feel happy.

I saw a movie last night on a real movie house!!!around midnight, am always addicted to last full screenings. dunno why, less people i guess?

Movie houses are one of those things you miss when you travel around often.

saw Eat.Pray.Love which is really inspirational and also a lovely read.

then before that i had a HUGE tempura platter + cold soba + tamago sashimi + uni sushi

i was sooooo hungry i forgot to take a photo of the "before" just the after.
the plate resembled a city that just been hit by a violent typhoon

No more crutches and am now back to brisk walking, first.

With the aid of KT tape for ankle support, took me awhile to find them here in the philippines and even went to get a few alternatives that really didn't work
i remember dreading taping when i was still training everyday for swimming in high school, i hated those tapes, they're itchy and not waterproof, and the worst part is taking them off!!
But KT is different, a bit more pricey than the normal med tapes but works 10times better
plus it comes in different colors too.
got the red ones.

check it out at

then i Finally have my costume in my hands

here's a sneaky

and i was supposed to get a wig that would be really nice to have with it but there was this really nice new sports bra at Nike which i BADLY needed since my Hooty size increased AGAIN!!! - WTF is going on here?!
it was a hard battle but the sports bra won this time unfortunately, ill find another wig before halloween fo sho.

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