Sunday, May 29

self preservation and reinvention

Don't lose your soul
Maximize your life
Find your happiness
help others
Love unconditionally
Laugh like crazy :)
make yourself a better person everyday.

The evil eye is a symbol which is known to ward of anything bad along the way. believed by many Mediterranean tribes and cultures, It started in Classical Greece and later passed to ancient Rome. It is a symbol of protection to those who wear, protection from those who try to harm you and ill-wishers by envious entities around you when you are on your way to a happy path.

Am hitting the road tomorrow with the Sam B& MonMon D for some "shaping up" i need to do in the cable plus of course shooting!

just came from the VD concept store in High Street and scored some goodies including this rad winged evil eye cap.
thanks Earl and Rexcy!

shaping up for the big summer trip.
Stay Tuned <3

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