Monday, May 23

A Quickie Fix


Still in Cebu...
Had a day trip with the Crew today to Pandanon Island, Bohol

Saw a whaleshark on the way nice!
the water in Pandanon is really nice and we got to laze around for a few

As you know i have kinda stopped eating pork, except for Gasthof's Ribs and Crispy Lechon Skin.
This week i ate lechon 3 times!! but it was worth it.
Still stuck with my Globe Tatoo Internet stick. good internet is basically all i miss in Manila.

and oh. My crotch..errr.. I was on the paper the other day for FreeMan/Philippine Star Cebu. here's a snappy

text available here..


Save our Seas!
Would be so dank if the children of your children would see whalesharks on a normal boat trip to the islands.

XS: can't believe i cannot find any fishball vendor in Cebu...Bummer!

BIG UP to Cabrinha, The Headware and Blood Red for the support

++Brian and Ben Lim for the Local Cebu hospitality

More updates coming soon X

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