Tuesday, May 17

Out of Reach

Been out of reach lately.
So many things going on, good and bad.
My Point and Shoot is broken, my DSLR is still in the shop.
Been in transit for a while
and now back to Cebu for the First Cebu Kite Jam

Today we got some press time with the local GMA morning show

Super lucky we got some wind for the past few.
Pics and vids up soon.
Internet here is crap :(
Everything else is fun though.
Traveling with a few of the Cabrinha Phil. team and some old friends

**everyone is Cebu drop by SRP this week to learn to Kite and wakeboard from the Philippine's best riders :)

Whoever is in manila by the way Drop by TIME in Manila on May 20 thats on friday for some great music - put on your dancing shoes. :)

Cebu is Amazing

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