Tuesday, September 13

back to love.

When i was young i had a manual SLR minolta camera to play with
it was really expensive for me to shoot and play with the cost of film plus development

i am reflecting on the joy of having a digital SLR and a viewfinder.
Though nowadays being a photographer is so easy.
Before, you had to be one of those "talented" ones with an eye for it and the patience to match it.
in short you are a geek.

I remember buying a roll of film at ISO 100 for 30 shots would cost me 1 day school allowance and we go shoot with some friends around.
we need to be very prepared as we only have 1 roll each. after that we would have to go back to the dark room and develop it ourselves.

It took us 2-3 days 2 to do this.

So what am i saying?
Am saying yes i love taking pictures and doing video ( and then before i had a separate v8 cam to do video that is nothing as F*ck like compared to shooting video on 60D)
Am so glad am back on this after a while

it would still be fun to shoot in manual though - when it was all about craftsmanship and creativity - which is now simplified in an application called Photoshop
<3 <3 <3

here's a photo of my ass, taken by anton in their front door.

am enjoying the cold actually but not too much of it. ill be hanging out with some friends when i get to stockholm, it would be fun

Sweden is nice <3

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