Monday, September 26

Stockholm in Motion

the people in Stockholm are amazingly fashionable. same ol' same ol' like other big cities of the world such as Paris, Milan, NYC.
young, old, men and women, here the style is everywhere even with the babies. so cute.

It's also nice they have a really big cycling culture here sans there's no air pollution making this a healthy and environmentally friendly habit AKA style.

here is olivia, she took me around stockholm for the day. She's an FA and hairdresser here. nice job eh? :)

i had the most amazing ice cream today.

here's a few pics of my "Sartorialist" day in Stockholm.
some of them are kinda blurry but can't resist not putting them up here so bear with me.

people change when they come to the big city i think.
but not really for the bad, it's just different. thats why
i really find it good to see a person how they are in different places and in their own hood. just gives you a new perspective.
it's incredible how "cities" change people actually. both good and bad.

for the meantime, enjoy the fashion and beauty but don't forget to be nice at the end of the day. <3

PS: commuting here is soooo F*cking expensive. WtF! seriously.

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