Friday, September 16

spend a day in the GOT, in "city clothes" i don't really mind being in the city for a few weeks as long as i can dress up and if the city is cool to be in.

This city is pretty, the trains are nice and the streets are pleasing to the eyes.
Busy in a good way.

went to Gothenburg for the 2nd time to run some errands and pay a visit.
it's a really dank store, reminds me of REPUBL1C in the Philippines.
its nice to be in this environment again, reminiscent of the work that i used to do.
the people were really nice and the girl working there is half filipino, how cool is that.

watch out for for some dank things in the future.

if your visiting GOT, do stop by

got some really nice goodies

a sick SC neckpiece and a flamey pink pair of FMJs

Tack sa mycket Thomas
PS: my basic swedish sentences don't really work on an english keypad. o well.

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