Wednesday, August 31

Chasing Summer

there is a reason why i travel to chase summer.
today i got reminded again that i live with the sea, sun and sand.
sunshine gives me life <3

The weather is not so inviting.
its the in between.
no sun and no snow.
rain and grey

But hey this is summer in Sweden :)

i do loooove the candy here and Oboy and milk and butter and Maggan (Anton's Mom) makes really dank food. <3 so much love.

The boys went kiting and i stood there freezing and also jealous to be out of the water.
i am tonting around in anton's winter jacket, his jeans and sweater.
i look like am from TLC or something
then now i have a greater understanding on South Park and IKEA. lol

anyways here is my first Post from Sweden. I wish i can go to the store to buy some chocolates, some actual clothes for girls to wear in the cold and go to the theme park soon.

on the bright side of things. i passed through a field of sunflowers the other day and it was really nice. it would be dank if i can run around them and just lie down til the sun sets.
i had a dream about sunflower fields months ago, feels almost like deja vu.
like i was meant to be here.

Cheers from Summer in Sweden.

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