Thursday, August 11


Went to Rodos for a short visit
it was really nice and very medieval.
Old Town was amazzzing.
Anton took me on a day trip to old town.
I always enjoy these places.

We stayed in a friend's place in Rhodes Town and the room was above Pacha Rhodes. The view from it was amazing. Sunset overlooking Turkey. Siccck!

The room reminded me of Room one above Hey Jude in Boracay. Music until the wee hours in the morning.
But it was such a dank place to spend a few nights.

Then we went on to Praso which is one of the best spots i've ever been so far. It's a bit crowded but you just have to step up to get some space. Spending a few seshies here was good for progression since the water is flat and wind is offshore in the sand bar, then just go upwind and your on the wave spot. How cool eh?

We stayed in a Tent with Mikey and Eric.
It was really a nice experience. Prasso is one of those places you can stay forever and just be merry.

Ill definitely be back here.

Love and Kisses from Sunny and Windy Greece <3

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