Tuesday, August 9

Ice Cream, Flowers and Kisses.

Probably the most simple and best birthday i had so far.
Been busy working but am not complaining, its really really good. Plus i get to be with some good friends and loved ones.

During my special 26th bday i had a welcome party at the house with all the ParosKite Crew over some tortellini, pita and retsina.
Plus of course a safety meeting. hehe

The party ended at 3am and i had to get up at 9 so i was a zombie at work during my bday.
As you can see in the picture above, am not really in my prettiest face Lol.
But hey the girls gave me a cake, a summerheart lolly and a nice gumamela flower.
I went kiting too with Anton and some of the crew. The day ended with a nice sunset over the Pounda Port.

Anton took me to AntiParos for a good stroll over Gyros, French Fries and Home Made Ice Cream <3

Ill post more pictures when i get some time.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings.
So nice to feel loved.

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