Sunday, September 9

Saronida Sling

i haven't updated my blog lately
due to a couple of things which includes packing up my stuff from 
Paros and come to Athens for a few days before departing.

I am really bummed that am leaving this place. i wish i can stay longer.
this whole 90day shengen visa sucksss. but o well, it can be worse.

i had a great summer, it's all that matters
and now am headed back to manila to see some old friends,
surf, kite and am really excited with the new cable parks that just opened.


PS: this is my first post from the new macbook, although i have some bad news, i lost my GoPro the other day, i took it wake boarding and the rope took it. i posted the picture of the rope taking the GoPro during a crash.

Yo Za tried wake surfing which seems really dangerous since your too near the boat prop, and a good friend nicos showing some skills.

Taking photos this session was fun, having the greece landscape on the back was just perfect.

here are some pics from the Wakeboarding in Saronida.

PS: make sure you pack your fins before heading out to the ocean. and never everrrr use your GoPro without your floaty backdoor, even though you just outta do a cruise session.

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