Sunday, August 26

greek summer vers. 2012 with the GoPro Hero 2


the greek summer is the best..
i got to know and hung out with more greeks this summer, 
and yes instead of traveling around elsewhere to experience summer, they go home to 
greece instead.
and i cannot agree more.
Everything about the greek summer is amazing.
the sight, the sound the smell, etc.

it's just breathtaking.
am really bummed that my 90day visa will be up soon.
i really want to spend more time here until the wind boosts up again in the asia which might be around october-november.

anywho, am in my last two weeks in the med and it;s still going off.
the wind just keeps on blowing on and on. would have no wind for a day or two to make us rest then its back again at 30knots and sunny.

i have been really bad in catching up on sleep, yoga, emails and even food because of the summer riot this august.
and of course, even if am really tired and almost falling off a chair.
i would not miss a great adventure and night out with my Paros Crew.

This month was filled with sun, wind, salt and a lot of partying. i also had my birthday and its really nice to spend it here in Paros like last year.
This year we had a great bbq, some drinks, jello shots and drunk dancing until of course wearing my tutu while am at it. 
am trying to locate some photos from this night. If you know me, i loose my phone/itouch/camera around when am hosting a party.
but yea it was a good one..
big ups to grant for helping me in the bbq, yo za for driving me around and helping me cooling up the giant beer bucket, sophia for the "live feed" of iPhone photos through Facebook, iza for my wonderful birthday cake, anny for fetching the jello shots and everyone else who came and hung out with me.
love you all <3 p="p">

here are some snaps of the "no wind" (which was rare) activities we had this summer 
me and grant even made our very own go pro stick mount.
this month is filled with
pool parties, beach days, cursing, hooping, eating, SUP, ice cream and sunset in front of carrefour outside the parking lot with phil's cranked up van ( this supermarket has the best view everrrrr) a whole lot more... and of course a lot of kiting

Kiting Photos: Lens; Grant Payne

enjoy the pictures.

I heart greece....

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