Sunday, August 5

Dancing on my own

What a lot you guys don't know about me,
is i love to Dance.
..i love movement. 
anything that involves the body, the mind, the soul is an art for me.
I involve a lot of dancing in my riding.
especially on the rails and when i go kiting.

as much as i love dancing and goofing around with other people in the dance floor,
nothing beats dancing on my own.. but with a twist.

when i was a kid, i did a lot of classical ballet, modern jazz, theatre arts, plus a lot of other stuff,
a couple of years ago, i got hooked on poi/fire dancing, then to dancing on rails, yoga, acroyoga, 
dancing with my kite, flowersticks and now also with a hoola hoop.

Dancing is a therapy. an art,
a self expression of what is in my heart.

Me and anny had a conversation the other day that at points in your life you want portraits taken of you so you can look back in the future to see how you were and how you became to be that person. 
I had is great idea for a portrait of me, on who i am now.

so this is me, this is my portrait, i hope you can recognize me, and who i have become - 
 27 years and counting X


Each of us is a reflection of our experiences, the people that we meet, the places that we've been and the sadness that life brings from time to time.

A series of Portraits taken by
Laura Payne
PS: girl you are amazing! 
These pictures made my heart melt when i saw them <3 p="p">
i was just gonna choose a couple of pics but i just can't trim it down anymore.
all the shots are great!!
I hope you love them too!

taken at Pounta Beach, Paros Island, Greece

PS: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me where i am now, for those who believed..
To all the great memories and the misunderstandings that we had and we will have.
You might think that i don't thank you enough, but if you know me well enough, you know..
trust that you are an inspiration and always will forever have a place in my big heart that radiates in my big smile.

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