Tuesday, August 14

The Gyros Pita Man and the best dessert in the world

one of the best things about the med is the food. it's always amazing.
especially for somebody like me who snacks a lot.
yes, i eat A LOT!

Greece thrives a lot from farming, especially Paros.
I never go wrong with any munchies here in Greece.

The Gyros Pita is a staple. a 2.50euro goodness of meat, fries, onion, tomatoes and tzatziki.
Different places have different ways of making Gyros pita, we try to take time to go to different places with this amazing Greek Staple.

Frozen Yogurt and Homemade Ice cream
are few of the famous greek desserts but
The Best desert in the WORLD
is the traditional Loucoumades.
it's fried dough balls smothered with warm merenda (greek nutella)
or honey and cinnamon
topped with your choice of ice cream,
need i say more?

it's orgasmic. I LOVE Loucoumades!!!!

if you observe the guy who makes the Gyros pita ( The Pita man ), he is very passionate about it, so i took some photos, this was from the gyros pita place in Lefkas, a town situated in the hills of Paros.

Also there are exceptional Pita Men, who gets annoyed when you ask to change something in your gyro, like extra tzatziki. it's kind of like a big no no.
haha, it took me a while to get it, no asking for extra tzatziki.LOL

Aside from the sweets, the fruits here are to die for.Our house is actually a watermelon farm, so when the owner comes in every once in a while to pick out the ripe ones, he would give us a few of these delish watermelons. XO

Goofing around with my GoPro on a no wind day, eating frozen watermelon in our porch.

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