Monday, October 1

Golden Tan and Sun Bleached Hair

So this is my first post back in Boracay.
and am doing this over my breakfast cereal.

The 10day manila trip has been cray cray which was not surprising since i am hanging with my original partner in crime Dane, who decided to form another band with me called #thefuckingawesomes, formerly known as #thekittygirls and #thewondertwins.

She's now busy earning some big dough on the big bad city of Manila which i cannot wait to get out of.
Truthfully, i really had a lot of fun but not my health. 
Champagne, enclosed smoking clubs and after-parties are not exactly a good recipe for a healthy me.
But hey i gotta hang out with my buddy Dane which we haven't really done in a while. 
Also, my SF partner in crime is in town, Angelo Mendez of #gelloshots 
and the Safehouse group - haven't seen them complete since we last did a project together, which was years ago.

So after much deliberation in my brain i decided to come back to Boracay
and be serious about "work" 
plus the people in Manila kept staring at my "Golden Tan and Sun Bleached hair" which for them is not a beach girl lost in the city but a a girl from the red light district who is pretending to be a beach girl. 


so thats...
Kasbah Boracay, which is the best restaurant in town (am not biased!)
Taking photos for Airbnb amongst other things.
Teaching Kiteboarding, Filming and still organizing events.
Hopefully the weather cooperates and sun comes out soon so we can get some good kiting footage.


Am quite happy with my set up this year. am in White beach, 
this is my front yard
i didn't live in white beach since Hey Jude closed and i did miss it a lot.
Yo Za come soon moro mou.

PS: forgive my poor iPhone photos.
cheers from Windy and Rainy Boracay.

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