Monday, June 7

Am in love!

AM IN LOOOVE! <3 style="font-style: italic;">ok, i probably have the oldest board model in town, but the cutest of the batch, my hyperlite vargas, i dont even remember what year model was it, one thing i know is it's the sshit!!!!

its quick, easy to edge, pop and very light. Ive never seen a board after that which i like, performance wise that suits me. Also being a petite girl, i like my board to be small, wide and light.

I also personally prefer Liquid Force bindings paired with hyperlite boards, i don't know why. but my set up has always been like that.

And this year, aaaah! the Blur board is driving me nuts. the design is sooo cute am getting butterflies in my stomach just looking at it :)

the reviews were convincing AND the contours are the same as my hyperlite vargas....yiheee!

am dreaming of shredding the rails already with this beauty.

For now, its just on my WANT list since am trying to save for an upcoming trip to MAHLAYZIA - truly asia. AAAAH! i want this board...

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