Saturday, June 12

bonfire + giant mallows + boardgames + tony stark

The river is our secret safehouse

away from the tourists, loud music and booze..

coming here has been mandatory for me, dane and erwin. and its usually use three together.

Useless boardgames, playing fetch with coffee, looking for unfamiliar creatures in the almost dried up river caused by the drought, movie night, bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

The river takes my worries away...

Wearing B.R.U. red three stars and sun Bikini by Kor + Liquid Force Snake Charmer Bordies from Republ1c

dinner...yummm. this fish was really amazing, i don;t know what its called but it's really goood!

am not an expert with this marshmallow thingy, but i like it burnt, its really crispy :)

coffee <3 size="1">

The tony Stark Drink, yeh i just had to put that on my title. I have been drinking Wheatgrass every morning before breakfast. Its really really good, it doesn't taste yucky as i imagined it to be when i first had it. It also gives me energy to get by for the entire day.

Tony Stark was drinking chlorophyll when he learned he was dying, chlorophyll is a good anti-oxidant which is present in Wheatgrass.

what is it with bonfire and ghost stories?! i really really hate the latter.

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