Monday, June 7

Great things come in Small, rectangular and thin packages

Somebody was knocking on our door at 10 am, i was a bit puzzled, it was too early and too late at the same time for friends to come knocking.

Mam, you have a package.
3 boxes of i don't know what was handed to me, with our names on it.

My Boyf, didn't tell us that our good friend Earl, BM of Lee Jeans Philippines has sent us something.

Limited Ed jeans baby!!! with real gold buttons. only 100 pairs were made :)

Thanks Earl i really love my pair, Boyf did a great job guessing my pants size.

<3 feeling so blessed and loved <3
we did a little photo shoot in our room as soon as we opened them, with matching sunnies and headdresses.

*Photos courtesy of Dane

Don't you just love our background?! sorry for the mess, as we are currently packing our stuff to ship back to the city. crap i can't believe summer is over.

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