Sunday, June 20

In to the blue: Crocodile Island, Boracay ++

Out Diving with Angela, Peter and Friday :)
If we have the technology for canine diving, am sure Friday would be the first.

We went to Crocodile Island, just a couple of minutes out from Boracay.
School of Nudibranch, Variety of Anemone, Soft and Hard Coral, Fan Carols are also rampant in the area. No underwater camera this time so i had to create a mental picture in my mind with the stuff i saw and look for them in the books when we get back on land.

these are today's honor roll

Moray Eel


Spanish Dancer extremely beautiful underwater

Soft Coral - Bubble Coral - i find them really nice and really wanted to pinch it underwater

Diving without a camera is hard for species identification, i can't wait for the GoPro Camera i ordered to arrive when my mum comes sooo excited I got a GoPro Helmet Hero POV camera with accessories for Board attachment and a 60m waterproof casing. Fantastic for Surfing, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, skateboarding, Deep Diving and even just taking normal pictures because its's the set up that i got coming very soon


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