Thursday, June 23

What doesn't kill you makes you ?!

Had a really really stressful week.
days aways from my summer trip
and still have so many things to do.
And i also had to see my Manila FRiends
Yesterday i had three mini despidada parties around town starting
at happy hour with Ikee and Dane.

We ended up in David's Salon for my LAST hair treatment in the next 4 months.
uhhh what am i gonna do with my hair now when there is no David Salon to run too.
am kinda depressed about this.

NOTE TO SELF: it's not good to get tipsy and decide on your haircut. really really bad.

i ended up getting a full bang. which is cute but am just not used to it.
Alas, my hair is not "barbie" dollish anymore. Got it darkened, let's see how long this will last until the sea and sun turns it blonde again.

I had fun rediscovering Manila with the closest friends i have here.
Went to have dinner with my High School friends at Good Earth Roast Rockwell, which was one of our favorite hang outs from college.

Went to see the CURV crew at Basilio's
nice to see everyone was there

Last stop was filling station. it's always nice to hang out in this place. i love the ambiance and the 50s diner motif.

My dad passed away :(
love you Papa

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