Thursday, June 9

Am a believer

Am going back in town to seek help from acupuncturist
Sifu Sam who was referred by a good friend who dislocated her hip months ago.
Before having acupuncture she can't even walk without being in pain, as she needed surgery that is not even available in this country and she needed to come home to norway for it.

Well of course she found an alternative.
Am so glad that i met sifu sam who also gave me some really really effective chinese medicine for my knees at it has been fine ever since.

Now i'll see him tomorrow to get my shoulder treated and also like a "maintenance" visit for my knees.

Am so excited but not looking forward to the weird pain that acupuncture gives.
Am a believer in traditional chinese rocks!

Got this new giz a couple of weeks back, i call it the UFO. Mac usb ports are so annoying that you cant really use them altogether but this one has 8 ports connected to my about mutlitasking!

its really good for editing vids and photos so i dont have to put them in my laptop which makes it extremely sloww..

This week is gonna be busy as its gonna be THe Mission of all Mission week

1. Get my Ram upgraded
2. Get my actual passport
3. Go see some old friends
4. Get my hair fixed.
5. Meetings for next kite season
6. Go to the Rudy Project store :)
7. Get my camera from canon - finally!!!
8. Fix all loose ends with work
9. Wash my kite and pack it
10. Pack my stuff.

Susan arrived a couple of days ago and she had some Choklaukaga Sweeet!

so happy she's back :)

take a peak on susan's interesting mind at create & destroy

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