Friday, June 3

You and Your Museum of Lovers.

i've always been very sentimental and attached to random things and photos.
cleaning up my drive inside and out plus my stuff.

i've noticed i have so much boards lying around just because they have so much memories
i cannot let go.
in leiu with my "under renovation" sign
and i don't wanna build a museum of lovers with all these boards lying around, i feel bad for them.

am giving away my old wakeboard (hyperlite 131 essence continuous rocker) + plus a pair of melissa OT 2010 bindings to someone who DESERVES it. :)

This is my favorite board and i want to go to the hands of somebody who really cares.
i already have somebody in mind but if you think you deserve this, its not to late :)

So Girls/ or boys - email me

**The board is in CWC right now, if you want it in Manila please let me know before June 9, 2011 .**
i can also leave it here in CWC.

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