Tuesday, June 14

artsy fartsy blimey

spring cleaning is always fun
you discover a lot of bullcrap in your pile of stuff

bullcrap stuff from your emotional younger years
entertaining and inspiring at the same time

came across my sketchpad from 2005-2009

discovered a few stuff which i only really shared to close friends and away from the general public until today.lol

this should be fun.

an unfinished self portrait i did..2009

self portrait 2005

experimenting with watercolor

some swimwear studies for my swimline Love Coconut, i did a few samples for myself
until my money ran out to buy materials to actually put them on production..next time..next time :)

Saw some designs i did when i "briefly" worked for Tyler - yes that's right, i did! realized it wasn't for me when they gave me the Menswear sec! cuffs, collars and buttons are so hard to deal with.
Plus being stuck in a grey walled office with people walking around greeting you with your name initials. WTF!
Goodmorning, PBR, how are you today?!

i admit, i am one of those people who cannot function properly when all i see is monochromatic walls with slogan frames like "Be Efficient, Be Effective" signs around me, period.

I also found some artwork that friends did for me..here are some of them

from PancitAnton

from Marvin Tojos

ok, who owns this? one of those fun drunk art parties? i really don't remember..

and a new addition:
got my kicks customized by Saxon over a burrito at 4 in the morning last weekend

it's beautiful <3

PS: as much as i hate karaoke
my dad ALWAYS sing this song to me when we go to a karaoke place.
i miss it!


almostfortyogi said...

i feel you woman. however my room screams garage sale!

Unknown said...

yes i actually want a garage sale too.. hehe