Thursday, June 30

Made it B*tches!

Ok, so this is my first post on my LONGGG summer trip

I went to HK for a few days to get some stuff at the Cabrinha HQ
hint: next year's gear are superrrr dank!

I was also waiting for my EU visa to take effect, which is today. so yah i flew in to Athens today.

I cannot stay in Manila any longer, the weather was so bad and everyone in the city is just normally cranky. blame it on the traffic and rising prices.

Today was one of the most hectic days ever, and i mean ever. I was told that there will be a transport rally when i get to Athens and there are no metros/buses/ferries and domestic flights for June 28th and 29th.
Am i so lucky? LOL

So i had to figure a way out of the airport with 50kilos worth of life in my luggage.
The taxi cue was like maybe 300 people or more, and nobody wanted to share a cab with me, thanks to my 150cm boardbag (which is really amazing, dont get me wrong).
So i had to take a car again, which i usally always do. On this trip i said i wouldn't but the instances left me no choice. It was my first time to drive on the left hand side. its so funny but i think i did pretty good.

I thought i was ok but when i got to the Athens it was a mess. there was a massive rally going on and my hostel is just right where it's at.
The roads were closed so i have to park somewhere near and take the subway 2 stops with 1 line change. I thought it would be easy, all the protestors used the subway as a "base". When i got there most of them were in the floor, all exhausted, with paints on their faces and gas masked.
i almost got tear gassed in the station too.
I pretty have a good background on being in the middle of riots really but this one is just heartbreaking.
I've never seen up close people that sad that it almost brought me to tears.
I remember when i was doing one of my community work, i've met people living like rats but they we're smiling.
this one is just different.

I managed to take some clips of the protestors but its not the crazy parts because i kinda panicked. hehe

too many things going on...

After all the tears and hardships this month of june.. made me stronger than ever.

Well, enough of this drama. This post is about me making it safe and sound in Athens. And to tell you, looking beyond the craziness that this beautiful country is going through right now, its still amazing.
Full of history and life.

Hope all goes well for Greece X

PS: never wish anyone ill about taking on changes in their lives. Karma will strike you twice.
PSS: just be glad than be bitter.

making an awesome trip vid edit for Hk and greece.
for now pplease be contented with some fone camera and point and shoot shots.

HongKong video screen shots

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