Wednesday, June 19

Ela Rei!

So I just arrived in Greece and it’s effin WARM!
I love it! Warm and Breezy!
In NYC it was raining and grey so this is a breather.

I saw some friends in Day 1 and had a tourist day in thecity
Visited the Acropolis and the museum.

On the way to Rafina (Port) we passed through a traffic jambecause there was some sort of rally.
In a country that is in economic crisis the first thing thatyou cut cost on is your advertising and marketing budget.

The greek TV station just retrenched 2/3rds of theiremployees due to cost cutting.
This is sad to see all those advertising artists especiallywho has dedicated loosing their art and soul (kidding) in working for anadvertising/main stream TV firm and they get fired. L
This sucks.

I’ve been eating greek food for the last two days and it’samazing!!

One of the main reasons why I like to kite here in Greece isbecause I love the vibe here.

People are chill
It’s sunny.
The beaches are great
The social life is good
And the food is healthy.
Plus of course it’s very windy.

Check out whatsup in to know more about thisplace where I will be for the summer.
Am really excited to go now.

We are currently in the ferry to Paros.
I got in contact with the local BEST rider from Greece, MikeChatziliadis, who I also met here on my first year visiting Greece.

Last year if you remember mike and afro are the ones thatpicked me up in the airport where prior to that mike sprained his ankle reallybad. Now he is better that ever and of course riding with BEST.

Stayed tuned on what we have in store for you this summer.
The House is set and we are ready to shred, Greek style!


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