Thursday, July 4

The view from the Top

I never really thought i'll do my first flight on a paraglide here in Paros.
Veso, who decided to come and hang out with us here at Paros to kite for a few days brought his tandem wing, me, grant and william went for a spin.

now am in really big trouble, as usual i will get hooked on this sport and probably go mental again on doing crazy turns or what not.

Veso is a professional acro paraglider from Bulgaria who also started kiting a few months back. 
check out his adventures at 

He took time off to chill here and now on the way to prepare for an acro tour/competition around europe.


I was super stoked when he was keen to take me up paragliding.
i even tried to pilot it and to my surprise it was easier and lighter than kiting.

PS: sometimes being small is cool, according to the pilot behind me it was easy to bring me up because i was tiny. Although this strap infront me is actually really in the way of my face all the time because am too small on the seat. it's really cramping my view. LOL

We also did a few simple "tricks" (check out some photos)  and you'll see the paraglide almost being sideways.

If you know me very well too, you know that i love themeparks, rides and roller coasters, especially if it involves free fall.
so yes, i did love this experience, its like being on a roller coaster with a better view.

I wanted to experience more turns but i didn't expect to go fly before my friend Grant, i decided to eat some cookies on the way, when we were climbing the top of the mountain.
Ha, that was a bad idea. 
i didn't wanna vomit in mid air. lol.

I had the most adrenaline i've ever had in awhile, which was good.
i was smiling the entire day & night even after 2 days.
The experience was amazing.
So calm and at the same time extreme (if you think about it).

It is also such a nice view up there. 
I would like to see the earth on that view more often.
it also gave me a lot of inspiration to do some art, 
so am back on the drawing board for some rad artwork coming out
from this wonderful experience.

The only thing that i probably would not like about it in the long run is climbing the mountain but
as long as i have my camera, am good to go!
i took a few snaps on the way.

The more you fly the more it grounds you to the earth.

Thank You for the wonderful experience! 
Ahhh! can't wait til my next flight.

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