Wednesday, July 17

D.E.A.R. Time

When i was in the exclusive school for girls, yes i went to an exclusive school run by german nuns. Probably one of the best and strict schools in the Philippines, we had this thing called DEAR time which stands for Drop Everything and Read. A lot of my classmates hated it, but i loved it! it is a great way to keep us reading and learning.

This summer in greece i am spending a LOT of time Studying for some projects am gonna run for the next season in Asia. To tell you the truth i am a bit anxious about it as it is a big responsibility which i think i am not ready for. But am also very excited about it, a big challenge! So am spending this nice sunny summer kiting and studying. As much as i want to go back to a proper university to finish my masters i would be choosing between school-future- and my sport/lifestyle. Which is a big no-no.So am taking small bits of everything right here in Greece. My days are filled with boring theory books, and some funny ones of course to keep my mind iterested, yoga, training, kiting and as usual taking beautiful photos in picturesque Greece. It may be boring to most but hey chilling here is good, also the food here in amazing! A great place to stay healthy and fit, plussss it's effin' windy. Today i get to update my blog because the wind is too strong for me, i would be needing a 1.5m kite or something.
Anyho, the boys pumped their small kites and went looping like cray cray, i almost had a heart attack!
Learning is something that you should not stop doing, may it be a new sport, a funny book, a new hobby, a new dish. Whichever it is! Fuel your life with learning, there are sooo many things to try out there.
Am also saving some cash for this hobby i want to start. Check in the next few months on what i have in mind. Hehe am crossing my fingers and hope that i get to save up for it.

So thats it for now,
I know i have to update this space more but for now check instagram for my daily musings around the wonderful med.

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