Tuesday, June 11

Trippin at The Triple S Invitational 2013.

I cannot believe it's been a year since i was last here in hatteras trying to hit sliders with a kite.
I can't believe it's been a year since i last saw these people who share the same interest in wakestyle kiteboarding. Time has been flying faster than usual.

It's been a great long week and i cannot believe it is over.
so fast.

I'd really wish i can spend more time here or in the hood so i can progress in riding rails.
If there is on thing that i love the most in this world is hitting up a slider park.
A lot of reasons has held me back in spending time in the cable than i usually do.
first of all work, moving out from the cable park area and the amount of injury i get crashing when in the cable.

I will not stop saying this over and over again but wakestyle kiting gave me a new window to explore the accessibility of wakeboarding to me similar to that of a cable but using a kite as my source of pull.
I never thought i can have that "wakeboard" feeling again when i decided to move away from the park and when life threatening injuries occur.

I have tried a few times to get sliders up in my home spot but due to the lack of support and an ideal location for sliders it is quite a big job to do for a 50 kilo asian girl.

That's one of the biggest reasons personally for me, for coming down for the triple S.
The Sliders here are even made better than what we have back home st the cable and it's great.
Aside from that, the Slick is butter flat. just like in a cable park.
plus you also get some surf! i cannot wait to get my hands on my own surfboard to get used to it and eventually get into more kitesurfing as well.
This place is perfect for the kiting style i chose.
although i did not get into the podium, which is at this point in time very far from me with the lack of experience, it has been really fun. like always!
Am really stoked to see the level of the girls just get up there.
Am really impressed with the improvement and the amount of effort that these girls put into their riding. it's very inspiring.

Especially that of Stance MAgazine's Dominique Granger, now riding for SlingShot, - who submitted a wildcard video, entered the Triple S open and made it to 2nd place in the surf discipline.
Congratulations Dom, well done!

Congratulations to all the winners! very well deserved!

I also didn't party so much this year and concentrated on doing yoga, running with sensi and colleen plus taking photos and making some art.
I am actually surprised with the amount of inspiration that i am getting right now that i cannot even keep track of it.
i've done 2 pieces since i got here which is impressive - with my state and laziness when it comes to drawing.

i also did a little shoot with Sensi and Colleen for Sensi Bikinis and #bikinisinaction. - check out our hashtag
it was sooo fun.

Aside from this, The Headware, which is one of my favorite brands had a great introduction to Cape Hatteras - through the Sunset Swim Charity Fashion Show.

The Headware is a local brand from the Philippines.
check out the radness here www.theheadware.com


Check out some snaps i took over the week, with my new line mount for the GoPro.
i need to find better ways to shoot with this. can't wait to get kiting with this again.

The people behind the with a kite documentary is back to finish the project. It's nice to know that these people are still here, even with a lack of support from the "outside world" to still do what they do and killing every moment of it.

The Triple S Invitational was Inspirational.

To My Beloved Support Crew,
you are awesome!

BEST Kiteboarding
DC Shoes

The Headware
Tribu Outdoors
David Salon

Love you all !


Next stop:

Pitt Stop at Kitty Hawk skate park with the guys behind Tribu Outdoors USA.
and a few days at Richmond to check out the new "house" that tribu built!


Photos from: REAL Watersports, TONA, and my iPhone.

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