Wednesday, June 19

Road Less Traveled

If there is one thing that a lot of people don’t get aboutme is that I love traveling by road.
Road trips are for me the best, even boat trips are cool aswell. Provided that I have a comfortable seat and a clean bathroom to use alongthe way, am fine.

Coming out from Cape Hatteras earlier than expected I foundmyself in the Road to NYC.
Stopping over Richmond to hang out with the guys at TRIBUOUTDOORS USA.

This core group of shredders maybe core in culture but theyknow how to roll.

I ended up in the Marriot Hotel in Downtown Richmond for thetime that I was there and it was fun!

After Richmond I took the train to NYC and spent a good 2 ½days here to see some architecture, art and my city friends who I haven’t seenin years.

It was a good stop over also to get a lot of necessitiesbefore entering Greece for the 3rd time..

NYC is fun, especially Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The town iscute and there is a lot of artworks on the street and even saw a few fromfamiliar artists that I see on deviant art or pinterest.

I am surely gonna miss the fast internet though.

Check some photos from the roadtrip.
A small longboard session at Kitty Hawk – I know I shouldnot be skating at all. But man I just cannot resist. I know in Greece the roadswould not be skatable anyways just like the Philippines.

Anyways check this out. And am dead from my 2 day affairwith NYC! This city never sleeps.
Coming to the City makes me realize how much I do not belongthere and probably also affirming my status as an official beach bum.

So am chasing summer by coming to Greece for the season.

So Ready to say 

Ela Rei!

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