Tuesday, May 29

My Wakestyle article gone wrong

It was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago that the article about me in Boracay Magazine caused a few issues with the kiteboarding community in Boracay. I wanted to take this time to apologize for any misleading / misconstrued information that was published about me, but specifically around my background in kiteboarding.

Before kiteboarding, I was first a wakeboarder, 
back in 2009 provincial governor of Camarines Sur, Gov. Lray Villafuerte together with Mauricio Abreau, Moehau Goold and Jason Wolcott came to Boracay to check out the kiteboarding scene and there they saw the potential of bringing in "wakestyle" kiteboarding to the Philippines.

**At that time, I was new to kiteboarding learning from my mentors,
Captain Nenette Graf and Normeth Preglo of Hangin Kiteboarding Center 
with Mars Gersbach and Danielle Gonzales, my friends and kite instructors.**

I brainstormed with them on how we could make this happen and followed the preparation of this event, after a year or so of planning, the first ever kite/cable crossover event “Wind or No Wind” debuted at CamSur in December 2010, where the top wakestyle riders from different parts of the world converge to ride and have fun.

I was really excited and together with my teammates,
Khristopher Ken Nacor and Doque De Los Santos
We were on our way to represent Asian kiteboarders at Wind or No Wind’s inaugural event.


At that time of the cover shoot for Boracay Mag I had just gotten back from
Wind or No Wind’s 2nd year, so naturally, during my interview with the editor this came up. It’s challenging to explain board sports to the outside world because some folks already have a hard time distinguishing wave riding style of kiteboarding, wakeboarding from freestyle kiteboarding, what more when I’m trying to explain “wakestyle” kiteboarding to someone? Unfortunately, the editor didn’t “get it” and published an article that had several factual errors.


The lesson for me here is to be more careful, making sure that the editor understands what I am saying and make sure to ALWAYS personally proofread the articles before they are sent out.


I am truly sorry to everyone who was misled by this article. It was not my intention to step on anyone’s toes especially those who have been kiteboarding in Boracay way before my time and helped me to get to where I am right now with the sport that I have come to love and be truly passionate about.

A new and revised article about Boracay Kiteboarding and the emergence of Kiteboarding on a national and global platform will come out in the July/Aug issue of Boracay Magazine.

Attached is an apology letter from the editors of Boracay Magazine 

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