Wednesday, May 16


A lot of people don't like hanging out in Divis but 
i lovvve it!
Rough, cool, grungy san fran style.
with freestylers all around.
it's really fun!
yesterday i tried a fixie for the first time. i was riding with some "pros" in the area. and they are gooood!

i will try it again tonight if i have a chance. i also learned some tricks on my razor. 
am gonna film it once my GoPro Hero 2 arrives. can't wait X

The other day, there was this guy that came on a bike and he had a boombox and a little parrot on his left shoulder.
The parrot shakes his head to the beat of the music AND get this...raps too!!
and i didn't get footage on this because it was too dark and i had no extra lights available. arggg

so here are some snaps on how a typical hang out is like in Diviz.


So this is how we roll here in SF!!
headed to the kite spot down in Foster City
in a mustang convertible 

i can't resist it, i need to have some ballin' pictures!
thanks to Jens Handell

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