Friday, May 4

Go Giants

First Baseball game i watched EVER!! and it's live!!!
Got Some tickets from JZ @ - check them out. especially if you planning to move here at SF!

So our seats are located at the Lower Box Row 15. awesome view!! but yeah if you don't pay attention and the ball goes your way, your fuct!!!

Anyho, i a good friend i've been hangin' out here in SF explained to me how baseball works, and it pretty interesting. It's also sick to watch the players and how they play with the team!!! it's fun!

Like Kiting, i find that baseball is a technical sport, and it's nice when sports include more thinking from you than just a lot of power involved.

This week has been really cold in the city, hence, no kiting nor teaching but that got me to do a lot of photo editing and some tourist days with Dianaliis!!!

PS: i miss my scooter. i left it in the kite school trailer. huhuhu.

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