Tuesday, May 29

Bay to Breakers 2012

best holiday ever!!!
well i still love halloween
but Bay 2 Breakers is the bomb! 
am so happy to be in San Francisco for this, and to be with the best crew ever!!!

it's the first time ever that i managed to be drunk AND pass out before Lunch time.

i open my door and brandon was already dressed up with shiny gold pants and a fur coat. 
Goodmorning! he said
Come on you, get ready now.

I had a coffee with some food (yogurt and cereal) - which ended to be the only thing i ate the entire day, so the lesson here is DO NOT FORGET to eat or you will pass out before lunch.

We opened tiffany's costume box and i came up with being a fairy, just because i wanna wear the leaf tutu i found in the box.
Tiff came up with the great idea of wearing this summer place shirt 
on top of her exercise outfit.
so funny.

We started with mimosas, beer and moscow mules. prancing in the street, headed to Alamo Square for the parade.

it's like everyone was on acid. I never felt so normal looking in a fairy ensemble.

After the parade, we went home for a Pee break and more drinks before then headed to The Panhandle, just to continue where we had left off.

The morning was full of posing, running, dancing in the streets AND A LOT OF PHOTO BOMBING.

i don't remember half of what happened after that.
All i know is that i woke up on tiff's bed with a lot of glitter in my body and grass on my hair matched with a massive hangover and a bump on my forehead - which i only found out where i got it from when i saw the pictures.

So we managed to break 4 sunglasses at the end of the day plus
i am pretty sure i looked like a lunatic fairy in the end too.

Haha. Check out where i got my forehead bump from. :)

The pictures are AWESOME!! 
take a peek and laugh with me.






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