Friday, April 11

Much Respect to the Girl Who Rides

Limp dready sun dried hair 
Flakey spotty dark skin Bruises, 
battle scars and caluses 
 Welcome to my life 

 It never really occurred to me how bad my overall physical condition is, if i use "normal" girl standards. I do understand why a lot of girls don't wanna ride because of the factors stated above which you will face in all eternity.

And of course i also do understand us a few ones who loves to ride and doesn't give a flying f*ck.

Am not gonna deny, i am vain. I love to dress up, paint my nails with glitter and definitely a plus to make an effort and look presentable. But sure aint easy, with the life i've chosen to be in. 

 I probably spend more hours outdoors than most of my guy friends and most definitely spend more time in the salon than most of my girl friends just to get that dreadlock out from constantly being in front of the wind avergaging at 15-20knots most days. It may look good in photos but windblown salty sun dried hair is not really easy to deal with I tell you! 

You better give much deserved respect to the girl who rides. 

 Growing up in a society that considers dark skin to be ugly it wasn't an easy choice for me and definitely not easy to get a guy i like to even look at me, that i really had to capitalize on being smart and funny. hehe

That's why every year i make an effort to take you, like me, a rad.girl who rides, out for a good time with other girls like you. 

 A platform to encourage and empower, that you are not alone and we are all in the same boat. I say this to you, dont give up and keep on shredding, show the world what it's all about. May it be on land, water or snow, on wheels or boards. Be clad in pink, Keep on riding and don't hold back! I give my respect back to you. 

You are a girl on fire! 
Do not let the norms of society take out your flame. My love goes with you! --- 

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PS: Thank you to the undying support of ROXY, DC, The Headware, Tribu, Lazy Dog Boracay, Bahari Beach Resort, David Salon for the last four years.

and to Colleen and Dom for helping out the girls this year 

Love you!

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