Friday, April 11

That's a wrap

Wow! the season is ending.
after 2 KTA competitions, 2 out of 5 PKA stops.
am still alive! that was kite competition marathon since december.
but hey, its fun when you love what you do!

People ask me sometimes if i have a life
amidst work at kasbah and all these things in between.
and i say...

When you love what you do, you do not work a single day in your life.
and sharing it with people who share the same passion for adventure.

That's my goal for the time being!

Thank you universe!
stoked on my 2nd place at the PKA Puerto Princesa and also on the Tour!!!

i did 3 freestyle heats and 1 hang time heat which was a total disaster in 2 hours. proud of myself.

Til next year.
now am just happy cruising around a nearly empty kite spot at home.

here are some snippets from the PKA tour finals.

Thanks to Pierre Vogel for the fun photos. :)

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