Monday, April 21

Cause am happy and you know it

i've always hated traveling with a big group of filipinos internationally.
because they always go on herds, 
are frequently noisy and nosy.
and it always seems like there is a big fiesta going on.
screaming with laughter and whatever.

i'd much rather be left alone with my book, my ipod and my computer.

today i have a 6hr lay over at Abu Dhabi airport in the middle of the night. 
i had no choice but sit around here with the rest of my kababayans.
and you know what i effin love it!

another sign that tells me why the filipino people are the happiest people on earth.

i was enroute to my gate i picked up or should i say "stole" my stash of airport magazines to be left in peace and of course am not surprised that a group of Filipinos are already there laughing their asses out and taking photos with a peace sign out.

uhhh. of course i got pissed but also laughed a little.
haa am like that.
i like taking photos with the peace sign and
if not being the most loud out of the group 
i am certainly the most colorful in terms of choice of clothing.

and it was really funny.
no wonder people call you Ni Hao even if your not chinese.

and musicians put some tunes on you.

after just 10minutes of sitting here at Gate 6 Terminal 1 Abu Dhabi,
i met two OFWs,
got offered chocolate and of course i said yes.
and got given another chocolate by one of the OFWs i met
(cause he saw me eating mine right away like an underfed kid)

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are the "beacon" of our society.
they bring home the bacon, to our tropical paradise 
usually in a day job or a house helper in a very cold place/dessert/wherever.
away from the warmth of their family and our awesome country.
and i tell you that ain't so fun!

it's cool to see that we do come together to help each other through this misery just 
by spending a few laughs, giving chocolate and taking selfies.
and the best thing about it is we do not really care what the group of white folks in suits staring us down from Gate # 8.
jeez. isn't that fun.

and remember that the best people are the ones that are having the most fun.
maybe it in riding or in any situation your in.

Recently i also got together with another Fun Kite Girl Hannah Whiteley 
also riding for BEST Kiteboarding, and oh boy didn't we have so much fun just being ourselves.
haha even during our little gym/pool session before we parted ways.

ok so i did not join that big group photo. 
not yet 
meybe next time.
for now am just stoked to see it from this perspective.

Happy Easter guys.
Konichiwa Bitchezzz *
5 hours and 30 minutes to go.
Peace Out!

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